You can find here the most common questions about Reello. If you have a question that is not included in this list and you need an answer or feel it should be listed, please contact us. If you are not logged as a user make sure to provide your name and email so we can properly help you.

Reello provides booking services. We connect guests with accommodations. These accommodations may include rental homes and apartments, hostels, motels, private rooms, hotels, and much more.

There is a wide variety of accommodation types that can be listed in our platform. We continue to identify and add rental types, and tailor the experience for such types, if you are trying to list a property type that is not included in the list, please contact us.

Adding a listing is free. We only charge for reservations processed through our platform.

We charge a commission on top of the host price. The strategy is designed to allow the host taking home 100% of his price. As for the commission, it is a percentage determined by transfer and payment processing costs plus 4% platform fee. Based on the country and payout method the total percentage is usually in the 8 to 10 percent range, which is a very competitive one in the industry.

In some destinations and specific cases we charge only for our information services and do not transact nor we pay for services to hosts and services provides in those locations or cases.

Booking requests gather all the information for your booking they also set a price that will be honored if the availability is confirmed. The request is past to the host or accommodation manager and we wait for a confirmation reply, which can take up to 24 hours, but usually happens within 2 hours. You will need to define a payment method to request, but your account will only be charged if availability is confirmed. You will receive an email receipt once the answer is determined.

In some destinations and specific cases, we charge only for our information services, in such cases we will let you know the remaining amount to be paid upon arrival.

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